Education is a core passion of my life, and I have enjoyed teaching students since 2012. At UC Berkeley Haas School of Business, I currently teach two courses every semester (below):

Intro to Code

A practical look at how code is written for non-technical folks.

At its core, the Introduction to Code course helps students communicate effectively with technical colleagues. Students are taught the industry-standard vocabulary, tools, and processes used by developers today. The course focuses on breadth instead of depth, which provides a strong value to any student who wants to speak with confidence in technical companies. Topics include, programming tools, sharing code in teams, how data is stored and used, connecting software together, mobile app development, website analytics, and much more. We'll also spend time with Product Managers in industry as they share their story of working in technical teams.

Sales for Startups

Discover how startups generate and start growing revenue. 

The Sales for Startups is a fundamental course of how sales works, from the early stages to mature sales teams. Every student of business should understand the basics of how revenue is generated and responsibly grown. During the course, we’ll cover core topics such as getting the first sale, building an initial sales team, creating commission structures, classic sales techniques, the art of negotiation, and structuring sales team to succeed. Often called “business development” we’ll also dive into the tools and processes used by entrepreneurs today. In addition, we’ll highlight several existing startups to understand the real-world decisions faced by founders through guest speakers.